Concepts Wheel

Visualizing the results of a seed concepts design activity.

Designing for designers

The visualization of results of a design process is not an easy task.

We must put together the right amount of information it in a clear way so to represent the thoughts behind it. Wrapping up a design phase helps designers in understanding and clearing their mind so to move forward to the next phase, referring to previous work.



Parent Project

Connected Lighting fro Caring City

Reference Lab

MIT Design Lab | Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Project Team

Project Leader: Yihun Lim

Designers: Sara Colombo | Laura Varisco | Scott Penman

Information Visualization

Designer: Laura Varisco

Representation of seed concepts generation results

The image* represents the formalization of the results of seed concepts generation phase of a research project conducted at MIT Design Lab.

*image in low resolution due to NDA