Creating a solution for home automation experience that connects appliances and allows the user to simply and intuitively interact with the environment.

Automating ambients

HoMe is a home automation interactive solutions funded by Joint Open Lab S-Cube Service Innovation Department – TIM S.p.A. that helps in managing home connected appliances in an intuitive and useful way.

Ambient automation (homes or not) is a topic of discussion from several years. Integrated home automation systems as well as small home automations aim at facilitating the management and the interaction with increasing numbers of applies. They help in reducing stress and make the fruition of ambients easy. Despite the need and the effort put in this direction by designers, it has to be noticed that home automation systems are not yet able to integrate in the dynamics of who lives in that ambients.




TIM S.p.A.

Reference Lab

IEX Design Research Lab

Project Team

Project Leader: Professor Margherita Pillan

Designers: Sara Colombo | Laura Varisco

Enabling intuitive interaction

The image illustrated the design process followed during the creation of the HoMe automation system. The video shows the system and the user scenario.