Packaging design for dog food.

An integrated solution in a single pack

The Pap.poo project has been developed to allow dog owners in bringing the right amount of food for their friends during outdoor activities and to avoid the burden of carry both the bowl and the poop scooper.

Packaging design is about integrating solutions. The Pap.poo packs are designed to respond to functional problems of daily active life of dog owners. In its formal design, the pack embeds the optimization of what is needed for going on a outing with your dog:
– dosing the food according to the dog size
– serving the food
– collecting waste
– respect the nature



Course reference

Packaging design | BsC in Communication Design | Politecnico di Milano

Project Team

Professor: Valeria Bucchetti

Designers: Stefano Ciardello | Marina Cinciripini | Paola Russo | Giacomo Traldi | Laura Varisco

It’s a bowl and a scooper

The package contains a single portion of dog food ready to be carried out and It can be used as a bowl to easily allow the dog to eat from it. Thanks to its design, it can eventually be used as a pooper-scooper to avoid leaving impolite traces and, being made completely in mater-bi, it can be put in the compost so to preserve the environment.