Creating eye tracking controlled interfaces that facilitate and enhance the experience with contents.

Eye-gaze controlled interaction

The Kiosk’s intuitive eye interaction allows users to visually explore the painting through an augmented experience of combined elements.

The user can control the narration by focus the sight on the painting’s small details. The eye-tracking controlled interface allow the user to zoom the high quality digital representation of the image so to enhance the museum experience. It allows a detailed visual exploration of brush strokes while guiding the observer in a narrative journey of meanings.




SR Labs

Project Team

Project Leader: Paolo Invernizzi

Designers: Laura Varisco | Matteo Banchelli | Roberta Castoldi

Developers: Roberto Delfiore | Riccardo Tonon

Look closer: intuitive and effortless interactive storytelling

The users can activate the storytelling experience by observing one of the reactive elements of the painting receiving a light feedback from the screen every time their sight pass on an active area.

Reading area
Active area
Active areas
Interaction feedback