Data Drones

An informational poster that visualizes data related to drones technologies.

Knowledge communication

The representation of large amount of data has to be useful and clear so to be easily understandable for the readers that don’t know (yet) anything about the collection process and the results.



Parent Project

Design for the Energy Industry

Reference Lab

MIT Design Lab in collaboration with ENI

Project Team

Principal Investigator: Professor Federico Casalegno

Project leader: Sara Colombo

Designers: Kacper Pietrzykowski | Marius Hölter | Tim Robinson

Data visualization: Laura Varisco

Poster presentation of final research project’s data

The images* show the visual representation of evaluation data for solutions related to drones’ technology. The posters has been presented during internal company’s exhibition so to disseminate the final results of the research project.

*images in low resolution due to NDA