Augmented Health

and Safety

Exploring how disruptive technologies will transform health and safety practices in the energy industry.

Augmenting workers

The Augmented Health and Safety project investigates on the role of emerging technologies for industry 4.0 aiming at supporting workers’ lifestyle and working days.

We investigate emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Augmented Reality and Advanced robotics in relation to health and safety issues in the energy industry. The goal is to create a vision of the future through the design of a number of concepts that will radically improve health and safety practices and will have an impact on workers’ everyday lives.



Parent Project

Design for the Energy Industry

Reference Lab

MIT Design Lab in collaboration with ENI

Project Team

Principal Investigator: Professor Federico Casalegno

Project leader: Sara Colombo

Designers: Kacper Pietrzykowski | Marius Hölter | Laura Varisco | Tim Robinson | Farah Abu-Arja

Robotic Inspection

Deep Vision Shield & Hazard Detection

Sensing Suit

Active Glove

Worker Profile+ & Health Chatbot